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Adding that smokey effect and flavour to cocktails has been a trend in local bars and fine dining restaurants for a hot minute and they are quickly becoming a huge trend across the globe. 

Although the technique might seem a bit intimidating for some, it is actually quite simple, if you have the right tools. It also doesn't cost the earth and back and is quickly becoming the 'gift of the year' for all mixology enthusiast friends. 

This wooden cocktail smoker top is made from wood that comfortably sits on top of most cocktail glasses. Simply add a small amount of the supplied smoking wood fuel to the smoker top and burn with a torch to create a mesmerising waterfall of culinary smoke, enhancing the flavour of the cocktail. After the desired smokiness is achieved, simply remove and enjoy for an instant smoked whiskey or cocktail experience!

*Requires a butane torch for proper use

Add some serious smokey flavour to your Manhattans, Bourbon and Whiskey Cocktails, Cosmopolitans, Martinis, Margaritas, Negronis - or basically any cocktail you desire!

Add some serious theatrics to your next gathering at home with friends and family, or simply elevate your culinary cocktail skills for personal enjoyment. 

Made in the USA

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