Dried Cocktail Orange Garnishes

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For cocktail and mocktail enthusiasts, the 40g bag of Dried Orange Garnishes is a must-have.

These dried orange slices are perfect for garnishing your favourite drinks, adding a pop of citrus flavour and a touch of elegance to your cocktails or mocktails. The bag contains perfectly sliced and dried orange rounds, ready to be used without any hassle.

You can add these garnishes to any drink to give it an extra zing of citrus and a touch of sophistication. In addition to cocktails and mocktails, the Dried Orange Garnishes can also be added to water, tea or any other beverage of your choice, making them a versatile and practical addition to your pantry.

Weight: 40g
Storage: Store in a dry cool place in an airtight bag or container
Expiry: Use within 12 months of batch date

Sku: DSORG40 - 1