Savage Cocktail Coupe Glass

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Introducing our Savage Cocktail Coupe Glasses – the reigning champs of elegance and the ultimate must-haves for crafting cocktails with a bold edge at home! 🍸✨ With stems as tall as a skyscraper, these glasses scream sophistication and scream it loudly.

Elevate your mixology game and channel your inner cocktail genius as you pour, shake, and stir your way to liquid perfection. The Savage Coupe Glasses aren't just glasses – they're your partners in crime for creating concoctions that pack a punch of flavour and style.

Whether you're mixing up classic martinis, inventive tiki creations, or dazzling mocktails, these glasses promise to transform every sip into a sassy statement. 🍸🥂

Material: Crystaline Glass
Volume: 220ml
Height: 174mm
Max Diameter: 110ml

Sku: CC567296 - 1