Elysia Tall Cocktail Glass

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Elevate your cocktail game to new heights with our Elysia Tall Cocktail Glasses – the must-have drinkware for crafting concoctions that touch the sky and delight the senses! 🍹🌟 With a design that's as sleek as a skyscraper and as exciting as a roller coaster, these glasses are here to make your cocktails reach for the stars. Perfect for mixing up vibrant margaritas, refreshing mojitos, or daring daiquiris, the Elysia Tall Cocktail Glasses promise to take your sips to new dimensions of flavour and fun.

Pour, shake, and stir with confidence, knowing that every drink you create will be a masterpiece held within these elegant glasses. So, whether you're hosting a lively soirée or simply treating yourself to a well-deserved evening in, let these glasses be your partners in mixological magic.🍹🥂✨

Material: Glass
Height: 140mm
Diameter: 66mm
Capacity: 280ml 

Sku: CC520125 - 1