The Essential Cocktail Kit

The Home Mixologist

The resurgence of entertaining at home has seen an increase in the ‘home mixologist’. What’s a home mixologist? Simply put, the person at home recreating cocktails and beverages they experience in their favourite bars, nightclubs, and restaurants. On the Gold Coast, Cali Beach Club delivers the pinnacle of cocktail experience and service. Today, ordering a cocktail is more than just a drink, the public are demanding an unforgettable experience of showmanship and fanfare and for this reason they are willing to pay upwards of $20 for a cocktail.

The Uprise of the Mixologist

With the current notoriety of chefs and reality TV and people being house bound with lockdowns and social distancing, we have seen the uprise of the Mixologist.  You can learn the skills of a mixologist through YouTube and blogs. Wow your guests with something memorable that’s looks difficult to create but with a little practise, not that difficult at all.

The Must Have Tools

You will need the below essential cocktail making kit to begin creating your own cocktails at home.


Toby Tins Cocktail Shaker

Spirit jigger

Mixing spoon



Fine Strainer

Cocktail Mixers



More about the Cocktail Glass

To take your cocktail theatrics to the next level, serve it in a cocktail mug, glass or plastic cocktail glass that will showcase your creation. I recommend using plastic cocktail glasses like the nightclubs to avoid breakages when friends get a little tipsy. Barware for Home carry the latest and greatest range of plastic, glass and traditional novelty cocktail glasses. There are endless options for drinkware, my choice would be the classic fish bowl, balloon glass and of course the hurricane. You might also want to consider an old favourite, the Tiki mug. Don’t skimp on the cocktail glass, this will make you look like a pro!


Don’t make life complicated, discover what cocktails you like and buy pre-made mixers from your favourite bottle-shop or online. Mixers make your cocktail making experience so much easier, all you need to do is add your spirit. Barware For Home sell the range of “Mr Consistent” mixers, however if you are a purist at heart, stick to the traditional recipes.


Creating a Cocktail is Easy with the Right Tools 

My first choice for learning to make your cocktails is to have a look on YouTube, you’ll find some amazing content on how to create all of your favourite cocktail recipes. Barware For Home provide everything you need to help you deliver the perfect cocktail at home. There are endless glassware choices in today’s marketplace, my choice would be the classic Fishbowl and Balloon glass. You might also consider, depending on your cocktail of choice, the Highball Martini, Margarita and the Cocktail glass. Take a look around on Barware For Home for all your cocktail making needs with exceptional value and quality.